Social Media/Networking/Messaging


Facebook is the largest online platform for social media, it offers a range of tools useful business’s and families that allow people to join communities, create adverts, promote pages, have conferences and much more. Facebook connects billions of people together in many ways.


  • A large majority of people use facebook, allowing people to connect to each other easily
  • Facebook will update for its self, meaning that you will never have an outdated website and you can connect with others at the same speed.
  • Facebook is very easy to set up, once you have done, it is very self explanatory.


  • Facebook has a lot of privacy leaks, facebook allows friends of friends and in some situations it allows anyone at all to access your personal information, this makes it easy for hackers to take advantage and use fraud against you or even cyber manipulation and cat fishing.
  • If your intentions to use facebook are not for a business advantage, adverts can be annoying for you and may leave you questioning is there is any point in using it as when you watch any type of video, the majority of the time there will be adverts everywhere. This is something people don’t tend to like and is not the reason they are using facebook at all.


Twitter is an online way of tweeting out any type of idea which only allows you to text up to 280 characters, twitter may be seen as a way to short blog any issue. You can get caught up with tweets ranging from your family to presidents like Donald Trump. Twitter uses hashtags to bring attention to the tweet that you are talking about. If you type in a hashtag, then you will find other tweets that have used the same hashtags, collectively talking about one situation.


  • Hashtags are the big thing on twitter, this means that anyone using that hashtag there is a big change of increasing traffic to your tweet and maybe page.
  • Twitter is a great way for business to let people know any type of issues quickly. it can be used as a more of a relaxed account rather than facebook being very advertising based.
  • Twitter lets you see insights of who has seen your tweet and when, even if you are not a business account.
  • Twitter allows you to do free publicity, if wanted, you don’t have to use a name at all and you can tweet to everyone all over the world.
  • You can tweet at celebrities and pretty much anyone that isn’t on a private account, the more likes the tweet gets, the more chance someone will see your tweet to them.


  • A lot of division will occur on twitter, this may not be something that might inspire you at all. Conflict can occur and twitter debates, frequently.
  • Twitter does update a lot of interests to your page and things you may have missed, making twitter quite overwhelming at times.
  • Building a following can take a lot of time up if you are new, you would have to be very niche about the way you get followers.


Instagram is a visual social media tool which allows you to use images to interact with others. There are multiple variations of accounts that you can have, whether this be personal, creative, business and more.


  • Instagram is tied within facebook so this means that business’ can promote and advertise on Instagram through Facebook adverts.
  • Instagram is great for stories, it allows you to interact with polls, music, questions, links and more. Making this quite socially attractive to people.
  • It is a simple layout, making it easy for people to post images to your account. It is quite self explanatory, making it easy to use for most ages.


  • Instagram can cause a lot of self confidence issues, with the likes of supermodels using this app.This can not help for people who follow them, a lot of fake images can get spread around and it is hard to remember that instagram isn’t real life.
  • Instagram can use a lot of adverts on their pages, which once again, something that people do not like to see a lot.
  • Instagram allows you to direct message, however compared to other sites, it is quite simple and doesn’t offer a lot of options to do.


LinkedIn is a website and app which is predominately based for business opportunities to put your cv out there and jobs would be able to find you through this.


  • It is great for candidates to allow them to express them selfs and see new business opportunities.
  • It is a great way to talk about business topics and forums together, keeping this socially interesting but keeping a line between personal life and careers.


  • It is quite overwhelming to set up at first, there is a lot that would be needed in a LinkedIn account.
  • LinkedIn is saturated with the same topic, making it hard to stand out constantly.


Snapchat is a photo and text app which is prominently used for the social idea of using it as a personal account, a lot of the older generation would not have this as much, as some would find that it was too detailed to use and confusing such as GEO filters and much more.


  • This is great for the younger audience, there is a lot of tools which are fun and exciting to use.
  • Geo filters are a great way to stay unique and interactive, you can create your own which lets you write anything onto them.
  • Snapchats are predominantly started by an image, this is great for advertising. You can quickly show off a product, and talk about it quickly. Keeping everything short and sweet.


  • Snapchat is hard to create a following, there is no open source way to find out someone snapchat name.
  • Snapchat does not use actual images of peoples faces, this may cause a lot of cat fishing and fake accounts which can be extremely dangerous.


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