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WordPress is very user friendly to someone unprepared to tackle coding. WordPress is a great blogging choice for instant stories. It can be really helpful to people who query about creating their own website as there are so many options to choose from which are essentially a click and drag, although the options may be too much for some people.


  • WordPress is a completely free site which would allow you to start blogging straight away. 
  • SEO built website, this allows Word Press users to use keywords which would rank higher up scales through google.
  • WordPress comes with multiple templates from completely free to paid.
  • Plug ins which allow you to expand the website and add extras to it are available for you, this might be a great way to add in live video or see your clicks etc.


  • WordPress has various updates in which can layout the formatting on search engines differently.
  • The vulnerability to a new user could be high risk as when downloading plug ins, these would need to be checked over for certification by the user for malicious use from a hacker.
  • Although there is a lot to choose from in customisation, it could get a little bit confusing to someone who wasn’t a website builder due to a lot of the options available.


Youtube is a blogging site which makes it easy for the likes of people to tell stories through video output rather than text. A lot of people have made millions through youtube as it is so popular. Youtube is one of the biggest apps and websites in the world right now, for its unique combination of video, interaction, comment sections, and stories.


  • YouTube has a wide audience of creators, this is in the range of billions of users. 
  • Due to this, it is possible that your videos could go viral and make a lot of money.
  • A lot of people would prefer to see a “vlog” rather than “blog” as it is more interesting to watch rather than read.
  • Youtube uses rankings to push up videos in the top rated charts, meaning that keywords are actually essential to your video titles.
  • Youtube allows you to track performance and integration with monetisation. 


  • Youtube is so saturated with similar videos, so to stand out you would need to be very innovative. Although there are a lot of users, there are also a lot of videos.
  • Youtube can be seen as a third party blogging site, rather than owning your own domain and website like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and others.
  • Youtube is relative to using a lot of adverts to generate revenue, which can be off putting to some people as a creator if your niche is not to create money, it may be to create content for a time based reason.


Squarespace is another upgradable website builder which you would not need to code. Squarespace and wix are very similar to each other due to their accessible options to drag and drop. Once again, they are both similar with their users from people who have never used it before and experts. Wether your’e an expert or not, it does not matter with Squarespace.


  • Template design is something which is widely used on Squarespace, the designs and styles range over the thousands
  • Customer support is always available, like wix. With any issues, customer support would be able to help with any problems you may receive.
  • Back end design is also very simple for someone who may find coding confusing, if you have never coded before, Squarespace have made this as understandable as possible.


  • Squarespace is limiting on a free plan, and paid plans are actually quite expensive compared to other website designers.
  • Usually if you are using Squarespace, it would start on £12 per month to run as a website host and domain.
  • Although Squarespace have support, they do lack in phone support and instant support. Something which isn’t great for someone building a website.


Pinterest is an online site which users would preferably use to collate images together which are inspiration or attractions to them selfs. Pinterest can be used for blogging but the demand for blogging through Pinterest rather than a domained and self hosted webspace is completely different.


  • For business, it is easy to drive traffic to their website through visuals. Pinterest could be seen as third party as it is a link to another website, this meaning that you can post any website you want clicked on and as long as you have the visual to go with, you could use Pinterest seamlessly.
  • Pinterest is completely free, Pinterest allows you to use all interfaces and tools available for the price of nothing.


  • Pinterest is time consuming an to build up some sort of interest to users, you would need to post constantly to build traffic.
  • You may get lost in with the saturated audience as people will follow their likes, you may not be a niche and you can possible be at the bottom of the rankings and keywords.


Blogger is a free online space in which you can share your thoughts and blog about any sort of ideas you may have. Blogger is quite similar to Wordspace in terms of functionality how ever it lacks some things which people may be looking for.


  • Blogger is a free source that anyone can use, letting people practice and get used to a blogging interface.This may be great for a new users.
  • Blogger provides everything that you need to use to blog, it has drag and drop functionalities which make it easy for new users.


  • For any issues, the customer support is not the best. To get a lot of support, it is usually through posts such as forums.
  • Blogger is much better for starters and a short term project, rather than a long term blogger. They might use something like WordPress, as you can own your own domain.


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