Site Builders


Wix is a website builder which was designed for everyone to understand, wether you be an expert on web design or a new user, all people can use wix to design their websites. Wix can include coding, but a lot of wix is a drag and drop interface. 


  • User Friendly interface, allowing the basic user to find the layout quite simple and self explanatory
  • Instant saves on their cloud, which means that drafts will be backed up to keep work safe
  • Wix offers a variety of templates which would could fully customise to your liking, or just keep exactly how it came
  • Wix have help services available to you, if you were in need of anything you can contact them through a live support.


  • Once you have chosen your template, unfortunately you can’t change this once it goes live
  • Domains will always have adverts and a .wix on them if you choose their free plan. This can look unprofessional depending on the reasoning for the website.
  • Plugins aren’t that easy to come across which are “free”.

Flickr (Should be swapped with Squarespace)

Flickr is an old and outdated blogging website which is barley used anymore. It is so outdated that many people wouldn’t even know how to use it anymore. 


  • Flickr is free but you can upgrade this to a higher account.
  • Flickr has online storage available for you to save images to.


  • Flickr is very outdated and not many people would use this.

Big Cartell

Big Cartell is an online website building site which is predominantly for stores, it is easy to access and function due to its ability to design a store in the way you prefer. Big Cartell would be perfect for someone starting out with a business.


  • It does not require much configuration to set up, this meaning that you could have an online store up and running in no time.
  • No percentages of transactions are hidden, Big Cartell has flat rates.


  • Very reliable site which has been used for a long time, letting customers explore and get help at any time needed. 
  • Customisation is poor in terms of choice, however it does the job.


Shopify is a website builder which allows you to create a website with templates that you desire the most, this is a big scale website builder which lets you link different platforms to the site. This would be a perfect choice for someone who had a larger business.


  • It is great that you can link different platforms together, allowing adverts to flow and send a link straight to the specific item.
  • You can get great analytics from shopify, through clicks and sales.


  • Transaction fees are applied, which aren’t good if you dont have much income.


Weebly is a website builder which is very similar to Squarespace and Wix where it is a click and drop format. It is so easy for new people to pick up and use without finding it too difficult.


  • SEO settings are easy to understand and adjust from a new user perspective.
  • Thousands of template designs to choose from, this is great if you are new to web design.
  • The interface is simple to understand too, not a lot of complex information except from drag and drop


  • Sometimes this platform can glitch a lot and you would need to refresh the website, this may result in loss of work and data placed.
  • Detail in HTML may confuse new users if looked into too much detail.

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