Logo Experimentation – Development

There have been a number of positive changes from the starting point to the logo I am at now, 
which will strengthen the brand identity and marketing campaign of Rapidz.
These were the experimental logos which I came up with before looking into minimal design
research that currently complement the current standing logo. I am delighted to present a
customer with the design of this logo.

It’s in its first final form, nevertheless, and I think there need to be a lot of improvements
forthcoming, but this is the starting point for the Rapidz logo and it fits well enough for
presentation and ideas for where the client can take the logo.

HTML – “Third Party” Calendar Experiment

Today I was testing out different HTML code which I could add to the static website that I was experimenting on. From doing so, I found that adding certain adds ons was pretty easy however it did come with expected errors. I decided to add a calendar to the website and of course it was coded which meant that it did not work, however you can get live calendars such as google embedded ones which is also pretty easy to code to your static HTML website. A key point I took from this was that finding html code for different add ons for a website really isn’t hard to use or find. I think this is a major eye opener for coding your own website as you can find it a breeze by using pre coded tools.

A fantastic website for doing so and finding these tools can be found here: https://www.w3schools.com

Embeded Google Calendar:

Website Installs

We installed a few website plugins so we could experience how they were plugged in and transferred through FTP. They’re a few different types of instals we done, from DBS WordPress sites to blogging systems. They were all very interesting in the way they were downloaded – It is not as hard as it seems to do these as long as you’re using something like FileZilla or Cyberduck. Once learning these, its a huge curve in the direction of understanding how the web works, and back end coding.

Here are the installs I have done:
My BBhttp://cquigley.uosdesigndegrees.com/mybb/

Minimal Design – Current Design Trends – Short Reading

“Minimalism is about designers expressing only the most essential and necessary elements of a product or subject by getting rid of any excessive and, therefore, unnecessary components and features” (Schenker, M., 2020). As suggested, this could be really beneficial in-terms of spacing between logos or web and mobile design. I believe that the design for ‘White Water Active’ are far too compact and confusing compared to the “Scotland Alba” design for White water rafting with the uses of white space and an easy menu to navigate.

However, even though the minimal design does not apply in these webpages for White water rafting compared to ‘Scotland Alba’, I enjoy the video and large imagery which was added on the front page for both websites. I think that is the most important part to enticing a customer to stay on the web page. These points are something to take into consideration.


White Water Active (2020). White Water Rafting. https://www.whitewateractive.co.uk/outdoor-activity-weekends/white-water-rafting-wales.asp (Accessed: 21st October 2020).

Scotland Alba (2020). White Water Rafting In Scotland. https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/active/watersports/white-water-rafting/(Accessed: 21st October 2020).

Schenker, M. (2020). The Minimalist Design Trend: Why Less Is More. [Online] Available at: https://creativemarket.com/blog/ minimalist-design-trend (Accessed: 21st October 2020).

First Attempt – Mockups

To show imagery of how the initial logo could be used within merchandise for Rapidz, here is a mock-up of a t-shirt as it stands. Everything is not set in stone at this moment of time, it is greatly appreciated that better changes are definitely worth-wile approaching towards the best possible web and mobile app for Rapidz.

Although this was a logo which does not work for this branding style and identity, I like the ideas and I think they work a lot better for t-shirts rather than screen. I think this could have worked for a younger generation as spoken about previously. As illustrated are initial colours in which I decided to use, I used these are I believe they work in terms of initial thoughts towards nature reserves and outdoors activities. These colours are very dull, which contrasts with the idea of “fun activity”. This is a colour choose which would need to be improved in the next designs.

Type Logo Experimentation

These are my experimentations into a vector form. I decided to put some letters I preferred together and test out kerning, sizing and shape.

I really like the texture it gives to the brand, I feel like this would work really well as a masthead and a large AND small logo. However, I feel as if it fits for more of a children’s target rather than 16-30. It would fit the brand identity well for the likes of the scenery, but is it necessary for an understanding of a brand to be identified by texture? It is an option for the client to choose from as more options can be better for choice and show awareness of what works and what does not.

Rapidz – Experimenting with string

This is the experimental process that was taken place to reach the initial ideas I had for the Rapidz typography set logo. Rapidz sounds like a name with a lot of speed and grunge added as a texture. I wanted to see how they would look in the design. I’m not sure if it is a route that would fit with my target audience however – it is best to try it out.

Rapidz – Business safety to waver Target Audience

Charity – Charity is a part of Rapidz business scheme as the brief states. Aa small profit percentage from a purchase will go to nature funded charities. This, something which is including proceeds and charities should waver the age of a customer that books within Rapidz.

Safety of the Activity – Although some White Water Rafting companies are happy with a 12+ age limit with some rafting parts being off limits until the age 14+, it would make more sense to have an age range of 14+ that are suitable to go rafting with bookings through Rapidz. However, the booker should not be under the age of 16. Anyone under this age should be safe guarded and assisted with someone over the age of 16. This helps decide the target audience which is now 16+. A boundary has not been decided yet, but the target for the design within Rapidz should be over the range of 16 as they are the people who will be potential customers.

Reference for Safety Measures and Reading

Logo Design – Initial Thoughts

Rapidz is a white water rafting company. To show an initial idea of what the company is about, it would be ideal to create a logo with a boat in it. The paddles are also a big part of water rating too, so including these would be a good idea.

  • The name Rapidz automatically sounds like a fast name, maybe some sort of visual speed added might be helpful or italic fonts
  • When rafting, this is usually in the woods or at a nature reserve which consists of water, logs, rocks and other Earth like objects and textures. 
  • Maybe incorporating in some sort of textures like that would be very beneficial to set the scene for the logo design.