HTML Website

As we stepped into the basics of web design, this is the initial index HTML website that we individually created using simple paragraph blocks and headers. This was pretty confusing at first to get used to as it is something which I have never done before, but like anything, it is a learning curve. I think that I will start to grasp how web design works the more I experiment with it throughout the module.

FTP Clients

There are now many open source FTP client applications which some are free of charge and others are paid. Some FTP Client resources include Cyberduck and File Zilla. These are FTP app which are transferable protocol resources that let you transfer files from a local source to the internet, or (machines and computers to online networks).


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3rd Party Systems


Paypal is the most well known and used third party online banking tool. Paypal is a third party service which allows you to send money through to business accounts and friends and families.  


  • It is simple to use, your money is in one space.
  • Contact list with people on who you can send money to.
  • Friends and family options are available, letting you send money without a charge on top of that.


  • Paypal will charge to get money, for example if you use eBay or Depop, they can take a percentage of your money from you, this is usually 5 or 10%.
  • You have no control over a freeze. Paypal can put your money on hold without say, this could affect your business revenue or income at any point.


World pay is a global source to send money, like Paypal it is very similar in their tools that they have and what they can do, but this is a link within banks. A lot of people and business’ use world pay as a a form of online income.


  • They have a lot of good feedback for customer service, Worldpay are good at resolving any issues in a short period of time.
  • It updates daily with important reports, something which is keen to stay interactive with the customer.


  • The fees can add up wrong sometimes.
  • World pay seems to be an expensive alternative to use.
  • Reconciliation seems to take a long time for the accountancy to add up and work out correctly.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great way to navigate through the earth with one click of a button, Google maps has integrated 3D and street view, allowing someone to work out where it is that they need to go. This is perfect in many situations, wether this be to check out real estate or to see where it is to travel to.


  • Accessibility is perfect, it is so simple to use and you could find almost any street in the world through this app and website.
  • This is completely free, you can add in your own business and claim places with ease.


  • For the use of road works, sometimes this can be inactive due to hazards or road closures.

Mail Chimp

Mail chimp is a email built and collectively data processing site which will acknowledge a contact list of people who you can send emails to and build from.


  • It is simple to keep all contacts in one place.
  • Building emails through this is not hard, any user could grasp this quite quickly.


  • Their is not much customisation available to the user.
  • The interface does the job, but is quite limiting.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a good tool for marketing when it comes down to the important information of who has viewed your content and website. Google analytics will tell you the time frame of when people have clicked onto your mapped website and what device, age, gender, demographics they are from and more.


  • Great for identifying a target market, really good to know who to target more towards for the next upcoming advert.
  • Google Analytics is completely free to use, it wouldn’t be worth not getting.
  • Business’s would benefit greatly by seeing the peak times they should be creating ads or new posts on their website.
  • It is accessed by the internet and no external plugins would be needed for this.


  • All data is kept on the cloud of Google. This means that any it could be accessible easier than having a static hard drive of information.
  • Not all 100% of the information given would be specific and absolutely correct.


Olark is a great way that third party services can attach them selfs to for help and customer services.


  • Olark can create pre written responses for customers which may be FAQ’s and answers which are difficult to reply to in a text form without being lengthy.
  • The system is easy to understand and learn, something that could be nice for a person who has never used a system like this before.


  • The metrics are not the most detailed, it would be better if you could see more analytics involved.


This is an interface which allows you to understand analytics to websites and apps, it is like Google Analytics with a different interface that also lets you navigate you posts through social media.


  • This is easy for someone who will sort social media accounts with posts to be very organised, if you were a social media marketer, this could be really recommended to use.
  • The interface is detailed with analytics as well as the simple details.


  • Web based plugin, it saves everything on the cloud which can be dangerous for hackers.

Google Forms

This is a third party service which may benefit any type of business, Google allows you o create a form which people can fill out in any way you would like. These can be added onto different websites.


  • Easy to set up and efficient for users.
  • These can be added to web pages, almost like a plugin but there is no need of any sort of application.


  • All data will be saved through google, this means that it is saved on the cloud and not through hardware.
  • Any information collected may be accessible by hackers.
  • Anyone can access these forms, this may mean that they can receive a spam of answers.


Disqus is a great tool which is predominantly used on WordPress as a comment section plug in. Disqus allows you to talk to others and reply in a responsive way – wether this be through a web browser or mobile, they are both optimised to work well with the Disqus “plug in”.


  • Disqus is easy to use, really user friendly due to the simple interface with a professional UI look.
  • When Disqus is used in WordPress, all data is saved on the WordPress cloud meaning that the web page for Disqus will be optimised to load as quick as possible.
  • SEO is at its advantage with this as keywords which are used in comment sections are indexed by search engines, meaning any comments you get can actually benefit your web page.
  • It’s completely free to use.


  • Users would have to sign up for Disqus before commenting, this might turn them away from commenting anything at all.
  • Sometimes having comment sections on blogs can ruin the style and layout of your webpage.
  • It can look messy at times especially if you could not control the grammar that someone messages as.


IFTTT brings together all of your favourite apps into one place, the interface is very up to date and modern which is fitting to a younger audience. I can see this type of interface and third party service being user for jobs like social media marketing.


  • They keep it simple, no extras added just exactly what they say is exactly what they give you.


  • IFTTT is great for a single user because it is free however for business, they have to pay to use it. –
  • Not expanded enough for big customisation


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Site Builders


Wix is a website builder which was designed for everyone to understand, wether you be an expert on web design or a new user, all people can use wix to design their websites. Wix can include coding, but a lot of wix is a drag and drop interface. 


  • User Friendly interface, allowing the basic user to find the layout quite simple and self explanatory
  • Instant saves on their cloud, which means that drafts will be backed up to keep work safe
  • Wix offers a variety of templates which would could fully customise to your liking, or just keep exactly how it came
  • Wix have help services available to you, if you were in need of anything you can contact them through a live support.


  • Once you have chosen your template, unfortunately you can’t change this once it goes live
  • Domains will always have adverts and a .wix on them if you choose their free plan. This can look unprofessional depending on the reasoning for the website.
  • Plugins aren’t that easy to come across which are “free”.

Flickr (Should be swapped with Squarespace)

Flickr is an old and outdated blogging website which is barley used anymore. It is so outdated that many people wouldn’t even know how to use it anymore. 


  • Flickr is free but you can upgrade this to a higher account.
  • Flickr has online storage available for you to save images to.


  • Flickr is very outdated and not many people would use this.

Big Cartell

Big Cartell is an online website building site which is predominantly for stores, it is easy to access and function due to its ability to design a store in the way you prefer. Big Cartell would be perfect for someone starting out with a business.


  • It does not require much configuration to set up, this meaning that you could have an online store up and running in no time.
  • No percentages of transactions are hidden, Big Cartell has flat rates.


  • Very reliable site which has been used for a long time, letting customers explore and get help at any time needed. 
  • Customisation is poor in terms of choice, however it does the job.


Shopify is a website builder which allows you to create a website with templates that you desire the most, this is a big scale website builder which lets you link different platforms to the site. This would be a perfect choice for someone who had a larger business.


  • It is great that you can link different platforms together, allowing adverts to flow and send a link straight to the specific item.
  • You can get great analytics from shopify, through clicks and sales.


  • Transaction fees are applied, which aren’t good if you dont have much income.


Weebly is a website builder which is very similar to Squarespace and Wix where it is a click and drop format. It is so easy for new people to pick up and use without finding it too difficult.


  • SEO settings are easy to understand and adjust from a new user perspective.
  • Thousands of template designs to choose from, this is great if you are new to web design.
  • The interface is simple to understand too, not a lot of complex information except from drag and drop


  • Sometimes this platform can glitch a lot and you would need to refresh the website, this may result in loss of work and data placed.
  • Detail in HTML may confuse new users if looked into too much detail.

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Social Media/Networking/Messaging


Facebook is the largest online platform for social media, it offers a range of tools useful business’s and families that allow people to join communities, create adverts, promote pages, have conferences and much more. Facebook connects billions of people together in many ways.


  • A large majority of people use facebook, allowing people to connect to each other easily
  • Facebook will update for its self, meaning that you will never have an outdated website and you can connect with others at the same speed.
  • Facebook is very easy to set up, once you have done, it is very self explanatory.


  • Facebook has a lot of privacy leaks, facebook allows friends of friends and in some situations it allows anyone at all to access your personal information, this makes it easy for hackers to take advantage and use fraud against you or even cyber manipulation and cat fishing.
  • If your intentions to use facebook are not for a business advantage, adverts can be annoying for you and may leave you questioning is there is any point in using it as when you watch any type of video, the majority of the time there will be adverts everywhere. This is something people don’t tend to like and is not the reason they are using facebook at all.


Twitter is an online way of tweeting out any type of idea which only allows you to text up to 280 characters, twitter may be seen as a way to short blog any issue. You can get caught up with tweets ranging from your family to presidents like Donald Trump. Twitter uses hashtags to bring attention to the tweet that you are talking about. If you type in a hashtag, then you will find other tweets that have used the same hashtags, collectively talking about one situation.


  • Hashtags are the big thing on twitter, this means that anyone using that hashtag there is a big change of increasing traffic to your tweet and maybe page.
  • Twitter is a great way for business to let people know any type of issues quickly. it can be used as a more of a relaxed account rather than facebook being very advertising based.
  • Twitter lets you see insights of who has seen your tweet and when, even if you are not a business account.
  • Twitter allows you to do free publicity, if wanted, you don’t have to use a name at all and you can tweet to everyone all over the world.
  • You can tweet at celebrities and pretty much anyone that isn’t on a private account, the more likes the tweet gets, the more chance someone will see your tweet to them.


  • A lot of division will occur on twitter, this may not be something that might inspire you at all. Conflict can occur and twitter debates, frequently.
  • Twitter does update a lot of interests to your page and things you may have missed, making twitter quite overwhelming at times.
  • Building a following can take a lot of time up if you are new, you would have to be very niche about the way you get followers.


Instagram is a visual social media tool which allows you to use images to interact with others. There are multiple variations of accounts that you can have, whether this be personal, creative, business and more.


  • Instagram is tied within facebook so this means that business’ can promote and advertise on Instagram through Facebook adverts.
  • Instagram is great for stories, it allows you to interact with polls, music, questions, links and more. Making this quite socially attractive to people.
  • It is a simple layout, making it easy for people to post images to your account. It is quite self explanatory, making it easy to use for most ages.


  • Instagram can cause a lot of self confidence issues, with the likes of supermodels using this app.This can not help for people who follow them, a lot of fake images can get spread around and it is hard to remember that instagram isn’t real life.
  • Instagram can use a lot of adverts on their pages, which once again, something that people do not like to see a lot.
  • Instagram allows you to direct message, however compared to other sites, it is quite simple and doesn’t offer a lot of options to do.


LinkedIn is a website and app which is predominately based for business opportunities to put your cv out there and jobs would be able to find you through this.


  • It is great for candidates to allow them to express them selfs and see new business opportunities.
  • It is a great way to talk about business topics and forums together, keeping this socially interesting but keeping a line between personal life and careers.


  • It is quite overwhelming to set up at first, there is a lot that would be needed in a LinkedIn account.
  • LinkedIn is saturated with the same topic, making it hard to stand out constantly.


Snapchat is a photo and text app which is prominently used for the social idea of using it as a personal account, a lot of the older generation would not have this as much, as some would find that it was too detailed to use and confusing such as GEO filters and much more.


  • This is great for the younger audience, there is a lot of tools which are fun and exciting to use.
  • Geo filters are a great way to stay unique and interactive, you can create your own which lets you write anything onto them.
  • Snapchats are predominantly started by an image, this is great for advertising. You can quickly show off a product, and talk about it quickly. Keeping everything short and sweet.


  • Snapchat is hard to create a following, there is no open source way to find out someone snapchat name.
  • Snapchat does not use actual images of peoples faces, this may cause a lot of cat fishing and fake accounts which can be extremely dangerous.


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Blogging Systems


WordPress is very user friendly to someone unprepared to tackle coding. WordPress is a great blogging choice for instant stories. It can be really helpful to people who query about creating their own website as there are so many options to choose from which are essentially a click and drag, although the options may be too much for some people.


  • WordPress is a completely free site which would allow you to start blogging straight away. 
  • SEO built website, this allows Word Press users to use keywords which would rank higher up scales through google.
  • WordPress comes with multiple templates from completely free to paid.
  • Plug ins which allow you to expand the website and add extras to it are available for you, this might be a great way to add in live video or see your clicks etc.


  • WordPress has various updates in which can layout the formatting on search engines differently.
  • The vulnerability to a new user could be high risk as when downloading plug ins, these would need to be checked over for certification by the user for malicious use from a hacker.
  • Although there is a lot to choose from in customisation, it could get a little bit confusing to someone who wasn’t a website builder due to a lot of the options available.


Youtube is a blogging site which makes it easy for the likes of people to tell stories through video output rather than text. A lot of people have made millions through youtube as it is so popular. Youtube is one of the biggest apps and websites in the world right now, for its unique combination of video, interaction, comment sections, and stories.


  • YouTube has a wide audience of creators, this is in the range of billions of users. 
  • Due to this, it is possible that your videos could go viral and make a lot of money.
  • A lot of people would prefer to see a “vlog” rather than “blog” as it is more interesting to watch rather than read.
  • Youtube uses rankings to push up videos in the top rated charts, meaning that keywords are actually essential to your video titles.
  • Youtube allows you to track performance and integration with monetisation. 


  • Youtube is so saturated with similar videos, so to stand out you would need to be very innovative. Although there are a lot of users, there are also a lot of videos.
  • Youtube can be seen as a third party blogging site, rather than owning your own domain and website like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress and others.
  • Youtube is relative to using a lot of adverts to generate revenue, which can be off putting to some people as a creator if your niche is not to create money, it may be to create content for a time based reason.


Squarespace is another upgradable website builder which you would not need to code. Squarespace and wix are very similar to each other due to their accessible options to drag and drop. Once again, they are both similar with their users from people who have never used it before and experts. Wether your’e an expert or not, it does not matter with Squarespace.


  • Template design is something which is widely used on Squarespace, the designs and styles range over the thousands
  • Customer support is always available, like wix. With any issues, customer support would be able to help with any problems you may receive.
  • Back end design is also very simple for someone who may find coding confusing, if you have never coded before, Squarespace have made this as understandable as possible.


  • Squarespace is limiting on a free plan, and paid plans are actually quite expensive compared to other website designers.
  • Usually if you are using Squarespace, it would start on £12 per month to run as a website host and domain.
  • Although Squarespace have support, they do lack in phone support and instant support. Something which isn’t great for someone building a website.


Pinterest is an online site which users would preferably use to collate images together which are inspiration or attractions to them selfs. Pinterest can be used for blogging but the demand for blogging through Pinterest rather than a domained and self hosted webspace is completely different.


  • For business, it is easy to drive traffic to their website through visuals. Pinterest could be seen as third party as it is a link to another website, this meaning that you can post any website you want clicked on and as long as you have the visual to go with, you could use Pinterest seamlessly.
  • Pinterest is completely free, Pinterest allows you to use all interfaces and tools available for the price of nothing.


  • Pinterest is time consuming an to build up some sort of interest to users, you would need to post constantly to build traffic.
  • You may get lost in with the saturated audience as people will follow their likes, you may not be a niche and you can possible be at the bottom of the rankings and keywords.


Blogger is a free online space in which you can share your thoughts and blog about any sort of ideas you may have. Blogger is quite similar to Wordspace in terms of functionality how ever it lacks some things which people may be looking for.


  • Blogger is a free source that anyone can use, letting people practice and get used to a blogging interface.This may be great for a new users.
  • Blogger provides everything that you need to use to blog, it has drag and drop functionalities which make it easy for new users.


  • For any issues, the customer support is not the best. To get a lot of support, it is usually through posts such as forums.
  • Blogger is much better for starters and a short term project, rather than a long term blogger. They might use something like WordPress, as you can own your own domain.


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Self Publishing Overview

Blogging System

Blogs are a self publishing implements in which you can post your creative content or thoughts and acknowledgements towards any particular conception, theme or thought process.  Blogs are created via website domains and are predominantly used through internet browsers rather than apps. Many bloggers tend to find they have a more diminutive audience; this is due to blogging websites not getting clicks anymore through platforms such as google. Bloggers may recognise the utilisation of google analytics and SEO to push their blog websites up the ‘rankings’. However, without using paid marketing, bloggers seem to be very niche as there are more incipient ways to “blog” or indite an idea or thought on social media. Wether this be Facebook or Twitter, in the past 10 years these have taken over the self publishing platform experience. This, resulting in a smaller target audience through a browse for blogging websites.

3rd Party Services

Third party services are providers of the “sales” which are covered through government entities. Third party services won’t be seen by the audience, however, they capture the important details which are protected for the entity of the customer. An example of a sales third party service may be the likes of Amazon, allowing people to sell through their platform. Whereas another example of these services are the likes of cellular providers like phone services and the use of cookies.

Social Media

Social Media is the most advanced and up to date with technology platform. Social media has been enhanced with the likes of expressing feelings, and memories for the benefit of self publishing and interaction. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram use “stories”. This, letting people post what they’re doing for 24 hours, and the likes of going “live”. This is the most interactive thing which social media allows users to do, giving the interface a very authentic approach, rather to a blog post which is very static, this is what makes social media so popular. It’s expeditiousness to approaching a thought, conception or someone else’s.

Site Builders

Site builders are a form of easy access and “some” open source website builders which will avail you to optate formats and layouts to design a website, they make coding easy for you as you only see the front end of the design. Site builders are used regularly for millions of websites but they can be limiting. Where as coding can be used for adding a lot more detail into the website.